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H4M.co is a social media designed for South East Asian. We encourage users to post and share whatever content that they feel good other than the following :

  1. Violence.

  2. Minor and Child Sexual Abuse Material or Child Exploitation Material

  3. Racial, Political and Religious.

In H4M.co, we read, watch, share and connect with other members. We want to make more new friends with the same interest in this community.

We encourage members to interact among ourselves and building a community among ourselves. This site is a place where you can find yourself stress-free.



H4M.co 是一个关注于东南亚市场社交媒体。我们鼓励用户提供或分享任何相关资讯。可是以下几项是不允许的:    

   1. 暴力。    

   2. 儿童及未成年材料

   3. 种族,政治以及宗教


在H4M.co里,我们可以阅读,观看,分享以及与会员交流。希望在这个共同感兴趣的社群了能认识更多新朋友。 我们大力支持会员与会员之间的互动,一起建立一个美好与无私的社区。让会员在一个无压感的空间得到最好的分享。




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